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The Southern California Pipe Trades Retirement Fund is a defined benefit pension plan.

The benefits are paid for by Employers who make contributions on behalf of their Employees on a per-hour basis under a Collective Bargaining Agreement or Participation Agreement.

Employees or Participants in the Plan accumulate credit under the Plan based upon their years of employment covered by the Plan.

Qualification for benefits and the amount of those benefits are based upon the Participant's service with Contributing Employers and his or her age at retirement.

Benefits are also provided at disability for Eligible Participants.

For more information on the Retirement Plan, please refer to the Summary Plan Description (SPD).




Download brochures and publications here. You will need Adobe Reader.

Summary Plan Description & Supplements

Summary Plan Description - July 2013

Supplement #1 - July 2013
(Increase in Pension Benefit)

Supplement #2 - March 2014
(Recognition of Same-Sex Marriages)

Supplement #3 - Nov 2014
(Same-Sex Spouses)

Supplement #4 - Aug 2015
(2013 Summary Plan Description, Section 13(B))

Supplement #5 - Aug 2015
(Pension Benefit Improvement - Increase in the Benefit Accrual Rate)

Supplement #6 - Nov 2016
(Definition of "Retired" for Participants Who Are Under Age 65)


Enrollment & Beneficiary Form

Change of Address Form

Alternate Payee Application For Benefits

Basic Pension Application

State and Federal Income Tax Witholding Form

Direct Deposit Authorization Form


Annual Funding Notice 2014

Annual Funding Notice 2015

Annual Funding Notice 2016


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