Dental Coverage through Delta Dental PPO

Dental Coverage through Delta Dental PPO

Initial Enrollment

To enroll for coverage, email or mail a completed Dental Enrollment Form to the Fund Office at the address shown on the form. 

New participants must enroll for dental coverage within 60 days of the date when first eligible. If not, your dental coverage may be delayed. If you enroll after the first 60 days, your dental coverage becomes effective the month following the date when the form is received, not retroactive to your initial eligibility date. Contact the Fund Office to verify coverage before scheduling dental care.

Later Enrollment

If you did not enroll for dental coverage when first eligible, you can enroll at any time by downloading the Dental Enrollment Form from this website and returning the completed form to the Fund Office. Coverage may begin as early as the month following the date your properly completed form is received by the Fund Office.

Delta Dental (PPO) 

Your dental plan requires that all services and referrals be provided by your assigned DeltaCare USA network dentist. Benefits are only paid if services are performed by your assigned network dentist.

The DeltaCare USA has more than 300 procedures are fully covered. You are not subject to copayments for covered services. In addition, there are no calendar year deductibles or benefit maximums. 

You can find out about your dental benefits at While there, register or log into your account to verify your benefits, change your assigned dentist and more.  

To view or download the Delta Dental PPO benefit summary, click here.

You can call Delta Dental PPO  at (800) 765-6003. If you need more help, contact the Fund Office. Or Download their app to view coverage details, schedule or change appointments, access a digital ID card and estimate costs.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Coverage.

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