Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits

Your medical benefits are provided through a contract between the Trust Fund and two of UnitedHealthcare’s HMO Plans (SignatureValue Advantage HMO & SignatureValue Harmony HMO).

UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Advantage HMO & SignatureValue Harmony HMO 

Effective July 1, 2022 UHC began offering participants of the Inland Health & Welfare Fund two provider networks, the SignatureValue Harmony HMO and the SignatureValue Advantage HMO (previously only the SignatureValue Advantage HMO network was offered). You will be enrolled in the SignatureValue Harmony HMO if you reside within their service area. If you reside outside of the SignatureValue Harmony HMO service area, you will be enrolled in the SignatureValue Advantage HMO. 

Note: If you were eligible for benefits prior to July 1, 2022, and your medical provider is outside of the Harmony network of providers, you are enrolled in the SignatureValue Advantage HMO. If your medical provider is within the Harmony HMO network, you are now enrolled in the Harmony HMO network. You may contact UHC or the Fund Office to confirm which network you are enrolled in. Your UnitedHealthcare (UHC) plan is an HMO or Health Maintenance Organization where you generally get all care and services from providers in the HMO's participating medical group, except emergency care.

Once you verify your enrollment, you need to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) through your UHC Participating Medical Group (PMG) within the applicable network (SignatureValue Harmony HMO or SignatureValue Advantage HMO). If you do not select one when you enroll, United Healthcare will choose one for you.

Except in an emergency, if you see another health care provider without the approval of either your Primary Care Physician, Participating Medical Group or your UnitedHealthcare HMO, costs for these services will not be covered.

Your Participating Medical Group (PMG) is the medical group that is affiliated with both your doctor and UnitedHealthcare. If you need a referral to a specialist or health care practitioner, your PCP will refer you to a provider within your PMG, including other doctors, non-physician health care practitioners or medical service providers. 

REMINDER: The easiest way to search for a UHC HMO Primary Care Physician or Participating Medical Group is to visit Click on SignatureValue plans and then choose either SignatureValue Harmony HMO or SignatureValue Advantage HMO. Call UHC Customer Services at (800) 624-8822. You may also contact the Fund Office with questions.

About Your Primary Care Physician

Your PCP is your main source of contact for all your health care needs. He or she helps you manage your medical care referring you to specialists and other services when you may need them. You have access to the specialists within your Participating Medical Group (PMG).

Every UHC member must have a PCP; however, your enrolled dependents are not required to choose the same PCP as you. Each UnitedHealthcare member can choose his or her own PCP, if the doctor is chosen from UnitedHealthcare’s PCP list and the doctor is located within 30 miles of either your home or workplace. 

If you or a covered dependent do not choose a PCP during enrollment, UnitedHealthcare will choose one for you. You may change your assigned PCP by calling Customer Service at (800) 624-8822 or logging into your UHC account at

For more details about your health care benefits and coverage, see your UHC Combined Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure booklet and the applicable Summary of Benefits and Coverage and HMO Schedule of Benefits notices. All of these can be found on the Forms & Documents page.

Questions? For questions about benefits, restrictions and limitations, call UHC Customer Service at (800) 624-8822.

For eligibility and enrollment questions, contact the Fund Office at (800) 595-7473. Choose the prompt for a representative for the Inland Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Trust Funds.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

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