You become eligible to participate in the Health and Welfare Plan based on amounts credited to your eligibility bank from your employer's contributions to the Plan. Currently, the standard Health & Welfare Fund contribution rate is $9.26 per hour of covered employment; of that, $7.61 is allocated toward your base contribution and credited to your eligibility bank.

The required eligibility bank balance to establish eligibility is $1,979 (approximately 260 hours). If you have a gap in coverage fewer than 12 months, the required eligibility bank balance to re-establish eligibility is $913.20 (120 hours). Eligibility begins on the second month after your eligibility bank balance crosses the applicable threshold.

For more information, about eligibility or benefits, refer to the Summary Plan Description or contact the Fund Office. 

Dependents include your spouse or domestic partner and your natural or adopted children under age 26, provided they meet all the eligibility rules explained in the Summary Plan Description


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