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Introducing the HRA Debit Card


In the coming days, WEX Health will mail you two HRA debit cards loaded with your available HRA Allowance and can be used by you and your eligible dependents to pay for a variety of covered health expenses.

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June 2022 Informer


This Informer shares important resources related to your health and wellness. It also shows ways to get ahead of inflation as you save for retirement.

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March 2022 Informer


This Informer explains how to access your Plan’s updated website. It also presents important reminders and strategies for a healthy spring.

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Blue Shield Maven Maternity Program


Maven Maternity is a new virtual care program for moms-to-be and their partners providing personalized support at every stage of pregnancy—and for the first 3 months of parenthood at no extra cost to members!

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Enrollment Checklist


Enrollment in the Health & Welfare Fund requires several official documents. Download and complete the Enrollment Checklist to prepare for enrollment.

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How to Submit an HRA Claim


Download this guide on how to fill out and submit an HRA Reimbursement Request Form.

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Overview for New Participants


New Health & Welfare Fund participants can refer to this document that provides an overview on available Plan benefits and forms.

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December 2021 Informer


This Informer highlights ways to access physical, mental and financial resources for better health. Be sure to take advantage of the many benefits available to you.

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September 2021 Informer


This Informer highlights open enrollment choices and ways to get maximum value from your dental and vision benefits. It also helps you maximize tax savings through your defined contribution plan options.

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June 2021 Informer


Summer is a good time to take full advantage of your available benefits. This Informer issue highlights ways to maximize your benefits for personal and financial health.

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March 2021 Informer


This Informer issue focuses on preventive care and wellness. It highlights ways to better utilize your benefits and stay healthy now and in the future.

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December 2020 Informer


Ever wonder how much you need to be financially comfortable throughout your retirement? This issue of Informer highlights the value of your retirement plans and ways to get ahead.

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September 2020 Informer


Fall is when days get shorter and family responsibilities are even more challenging. This issue of Informer helps you focus on health, wellness and investment information to simplify your choices.

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June 2020 Informer


As the COVID-19 pandemic takes its toll on mind, body and finances, it’s important to understand the value of your health and financial benefits. This issue of Informer highlights what you need to know in these uncertain times.

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March 2020 Informer


Spring is a good time to catch up on your health and vision care resources. This issue of Informer helps you focus on how to access your preventive care benefits quickly for improved health.

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December 2019 Informer


The holidays are almost here, a time when your health and financial wellness may be on the back burner. This issue of the Informer introduces new ways to access your healthcare and defined contribution plan benefits.

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September 2019 Informer


Fall is when many people challenge themselves to plan ahead and be more productive. This issue of the Informer focuses on planning how to best utilize your benefits—and how to save time and money in the process.

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June 2019 Informer


Summer is when your hectic schedule may get some well-earned downtime. Make sure you take advantage of the health care resources available to you.

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