Birth or Adoption

Birth or Adoption

Notify the Fund Office as soon as possible about the birth or adoption. 


1. If you want to enroll your child, you must complete and return a new Enrollment Form and enclose a certified copy of the original birth certificate. If an adoption, enclose a copy of the document placing the child for adoption or finalizing the placement. The Enrollment Form must be fully completed including Social Security numbers for dependents.

Important Note: You must notify the Fund Office immediately if there is a delay in obtaining a copy of the birth certificate or adoption documents. Paternity tests or adoption orders are acceptable, if applicable.

REMINDER: Certified copies of the required documents must be issued by the appropriate governmental agency. Non-certified copies of documents from non-governmental agencies, such as hospital birth certificates or unofficial adoption letters are not acceptable.

2. You must complete a new Beneficiary Form if you want to change your beneficiary designations under the Health & Welfare Fund, Christmas Bonus Fund, Retirement Fund, and Defined Contribution Fund.

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