Coverage for a divorced spouse or domestic partner ends on the date when your divorce or domestic partnership dissolution is final. 


1. You must notify the Fund Office immediately and submit a copy of the final divorce decree (or dissolution of partnership certificate) by email or mail as soon as it is available. 

If you delay and the Plan pays benefits for your former spouse or domestic partner after your divorce or dissolution date, you and your former spouse or domestic partner are responsible for repaying the Fund for any benefits paid on behalf of your former spouse or domestic partner after your divorce or dissolution date.

REMINDER: Notify the Fund Office immediately if there is a delay in receiving a copy of the divorce decree or dissolution of partnership certificate.

2. You must complete a new Beneficiary Form if you want to change your beneficiary designations under the Health & Welfare Fund, Christmas Bonus Fund, Retirement Fund, and Defined Contribution Fund.

Note: If you previously named your former spouse or domestic partner as your beneficiary, but later divorce or dissolve your partnership, your beneficiary designation is automatically revoked as of the date of divorce or dissolution. If you wish to keep your former spouse or domestic partner as beneficiary after your marriage or partnership ends, you must file a new beneficiary form.

3. Your former spouse may have the right to enroll in COBRA continuation coverage. Contact the Fund Office for details. For more information, refer to COBRA Continuation Coverage in the Health & Welfare SPD.

4. A court may issue a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) related to your divorce. In this situation, the QDRO instructs the Trustees to pay all or part of your benefit to your former spouse. The Trustees are required by law to recognize and comply with a QDRO, provided the order is submitted to and approved by the Trustees. Contact the Fund Office to request a copy of the Fund’s QDRO procedures or for more information.

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