Loss of Eligibility

Loss of Eligibility

Participants under the Health & Welfare Fund who lose eligibility may qualify to extend eligibility by paying for continuation coverage. 



If you lose eligibility, you and your covered dependents may have the right to continue coverage under the Health & Welfare Fund by paying for COBRA. To continue coverage, you must apply for COBRA continuation coverage and make the required payments to the Fund Office. 

Eligible individuals are sent a COBRA application by mail 60 days prior to loss of coverage and another application after loss of coverage. (If you need application materials, contact the Fund Office.) Your properly completed application must be received by the Fund Office within 60 days after your coverage ends or you will lose the right to enroll in COBRA.

COBRA coverage may be elected for up to 24 or 36 months depending upon the qualifying event (as explained in your COBRA application package and on page 16 in your SPD).

COBRA Rates (as of January 2021)

  • $1,060 per month for COBRA Full (includes medical, prescription, dental and vision benefits)
  • $1,006 per month for COBRA Core (includes medical and prescription benefits)

See your SPD for more information.

Subsidized Self-pay Program (SSP) 

If you lose coverage and meet certain requirements—most notably being available for work, registered in your local union’s “Out of Work” book, and not actively receiving disability benefits—you may be eligible to pay a reduced COBRA premium of $530 per month for COBRA Full for a maximum of six months. Contact the Fund Office for more information. Also see page 20 in the Summary Plan Decsription for COBRA details.

Covered California

Instead of COBRA/SSP, or after your COBRA/SSP benefits expire, eligible individuals may be eligible to enroll in a Covered California Plan. In some cases, Covered California Plans may cost less and have different benefits than COBRA. 

Note: COBRA or SSP premiums may be paid by check, electronic debit (ACH) from your bank account, or deduction from your HRA allowance.

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