Initial Eligibility

You become eligible to participate in the Health and Welfare Plan based on hours credited to your Eligibility Bank by contributing employer contributions. Employers make Plan contributions on behalf of employees working in employment covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement, as explained in the Summary Plan Description (SPD).

You and your eligible dependents become eligible to enroll for benefits after you have worked, and your Employer has paid for, 300 hours in covered employment within 24 consecutive months. If you lose eligibility, it will be reinstated after you have worked, and your employer has paid for, 300 hours in covered employment within 24 consecutive months. 

Contributions are applied to the month worked, not the month the contribution is received by the Fund Office. Your coverage may be delayed or applied retroactively if the contributions are not received when due. For more details about establishing and maintaining eligibility, see your SPD.

Dependent Eligibility 

Dependents may include your spouse or domestic partner, your natural or adopted children under age 26, provided they meet all the eligibility rules explained in the SPD. For more information, about eligibility or benefits, contact the Fund Office at (800) 595-7473. 

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